These well-reputed providers and I love working together! We're friends outside of the hobby and have proven chemistry together. I am open to working with other providers who are not featured here. Typically, duo sessions are my rate + her rate. Keep an eye on Twitter for any promotional duo discounts. 

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Dahlia Day

A fiery and sensual pin-up beauty... our passion and chemistry is on fire! 


Abbi Minx

A doll-faced beauty, with alluring eyes and a mouth to die for. 


Chanelle Cheri

Curvy with fierce eyes, Chanelle sets the mood for passion and ecstasy like no other. 

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Holly Evans

A bodacious blonde bombshell with piercing eyes and a heart of gold- what more could you want?

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Aria Hawthorne

Your indie-artsy intellectual babe with fervent sexual energy. 


London James

New to Minneapolis from Texas, this beautiful soul is filled with playfulness and captivating vivacity. 


Remy Lively

My curvaceous and saucy friend exudes sexuality and makes for the most entertaining sessions!

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Sadie Prescott

Your ultimate XXX kinkster.  I am so lucky to have 2 red-headed friends!