Description of Dates & Donation Rates

My favorite encounters are lengthier in nature, as we can take our time to really get to know each other both in public and in private...

one-hour intro



90-minute TRYST


2-Hour Blissful Heaven



3-hour cocktail/coffee date


Coffee house or local pub, with plenty of time to become more acquainted afterward. Includes 1 hour of public time and 2 hours of private time.

4-hour dinner & dessert date


Wine & dine together at a place of your choosing, or let me pick the spot! 2 hours of drinks, dinner, and conversation and 2 hours of private time. 

6-8 hour adventure

$900 / $1050

Have an event you would like company for? Twins game, State Fair, concert at First Avenue, tickets to the Guthrie? Perhaps you need someone to go hiking with along the Mississippi River or need someone to go snowboarding/skiing with. These dates require at least 2 hours of playtime in private, but the rest is up to you! At least 2 hours must be spent in public at an event or another excursion and all accommodations should be provided by you. 



Let's rock-and-roll all night! This can be whatever you feel like.  We can go to a concert, see a movie, order pizza in-- whatever your heart desires! I require at least 6 hours of sleepy-time.  I must be on my way in the morning by about 8am on weekdays, so keep that in mind! I prefer these dates to occur on the weekends, but it is not mandatory.  Your place or mine! 


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