Meet the girl you've been waiting for, Korinne Kaizer. 

Originally hailing from the great state of Wisconsin, I’ve lived all over Minnesota and have meandered West in my past.  I now nest in Minneapolis, where I truly feel at home. I like to ride my bike on the wonderful bike paths in Minneapolis, explore the parks within and outside of the city, and take random road trips and pitch a tent for the night.  I also love to be in the city to catch a great band, eat at the best restaurants in Minneapolis & St. Paul, and enjoy a dramatic performance at some of our amazing theaters. I hold a BFA in Graphic Design and have recently left the corporate world to pursue a Master's degree in a different field. My interests and hobbies include art, design, technology, the wilderness, camping, hiking, canoeing, traveling, and music. 

"Korinne" means "beautiful maiden"-- and is pronounced "core-in". I am uniquely charming and lovely, a bit of your girl-next-door mixed with a wild-girl flair.  I have one tattoo, but wish I could talk myself into adding a few more.  I prefer to wear very feminine clothing, and love to impress you with my sense of classic taste and affinity for good design. 

I stand at 5'8" with a curvy, strong body you'll be sure to appreciate. I have sparkling blue-green eyes that will make you melt...

I take the greatest pleasure in ensuring that our time together is memorable, fun, relaxed, and blissful.  Open-minded and down-to-earth, I welcome your ideas and I hope to fulfill your deepest desires.  If you’re the nervous type, please rest assured that I am easy-going and approachable, and like to use humor to lighten the mood.